NPF Annual General Meeting – 3 December 2018

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Time: 12.15pm

Venue: ARUP, 13 Fitzroy Street, London, W1T 4BQ


Notice of meeting

Apologies for absence

Minutes of the annual general meeting of the National Planning Forum held on 4 December 2017

Final balance sheet for the un-incorporated association known as the National Planning Forum

Business plan and budget 2019

Election of Directors

The following were elected:

David Chetwyn, Michael Hayes, Esther Kurland

Election of 5 members of the Management Committee

The following were elected:

Barry Davies (Business), Fionnuala Lennon (Government agencies), Andrew Taylor (Professions), Karin Taylor (Third sector), Jonathan Wade (Local Government)

Proposed rule changes

Proposal to seek charitable status for the National Planning Forum Ltd


For further information: secretary@natplanforum.org